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Sophie Long Update: SHE IS NOT SAFE!

The FaceTime Call

Sophie and her brothers are with their mom, Kelly Long, the woman who has been facilitating the abuse of her children.

Sophie had a FaceTime call with her dad. She tells him that she saw a heart cloud and it reminded her of him. She tells him that they took her phone away (in a Facebook live Michael confirmed that her phone had been turned off) and that she cried all day and had a terrible headache.

Sophie and her dad Michael were trying to communicate secretly. Sophie keeps having to look over the camera and does so before she speaks. Michael asks her if she’s safe and she doesn’t answer right away, looks over the camera, and then puts a finger to her lips saying shhh.

He was supposed to be seeing her soon and he asked her what she wanted to do when they were together and she said she wants to talk to him. Throughout the video she says several times “I will tell you later.”

At the end of the FaceTime call, Michael grabs a notebook and writes something to show it to Sophie through the camera. Sophie doesn’t answer and then the mother comes over and takes the phone. Michael asks Kelly to give it back and she doesn’t. Instead, she says that she’s trying to do what she’s supposed to and give equal time to the kids since the call is only supposed to be an hour and that Jack wanted to talk to him too.

September 3 Facebook Live

Michael held a Facebook live to answer some questions and give an update. He said he never agreed to a gag order and that he has freedom of speech and that he will speak up for his daughter no matter what.

He said that he’s heard a lot of rumors about where they are and what’s going on and he said he really hopes that a lot of them aren’t true. He said, “I don’t know who is in charge of this or what you’re doing, but if the rumors are true about how you’re actually protecting them right now, I hope you super reevaluate that quickly because the closes thing I heard to sounding like the truth is completely inadequate.”

There are rumors that “Mr. Jake” has been arrested, but no proof yet.

Michael confirmed that they have a team of 6 awesome lawyers and that Jamie Graham is lead council. The GoFundMe funds kept being frozen and unfrozen and refrozen and kept going back and forth. Finally, Kourtney (Michael’s wife) and the legal council made efforts to remove the holds and they have access to the funds now which are currently being used for legal fees.

Sophie attended a zoom class for school and one of her classmates showed her a sign that she made for her because she was going to a march for Sophie later that day. Sophie saw the sign and cried when the classmate told her that her daddy misses her. Michael said that he heard from someone that they saw bruises on Sophie’s arms.

Sophie is not safe! Michael and their legal team are working round the clock to get Sophie and her brothers, Jack and Lucas, back home safe.