Portland Mayor Wheeler to Leave His Residence Due to Violent Riots

Portland Mayor Wheeler to Leave His Residence Due to Violent Riots - United States | The Raging Patriot
(NY Post)

Mayor Ted Wheeler announced he is high-tailing it out of his Portland residence because he fears for his safety. He confirmed his intent on September 2nd while speaking with the media. He and several other residents near his condo will be leaving because of the continued violent riots and protests. The violent displays have been going on for months in Portland and not much has changed.

Portland neighborhoods have suffered greatly. Businesses have been looted and destroyed, homes police stations have been burned, and violence has broken in the streets leaving several people hospitalized and a person dead.
Oregons government has done nothing to control or prevent these crimes and they only seem to get worse. The city looks like a war zone and Mayor Wheeler couldn’t seem to care less. President Trump offered federal aide and reinforcements, but the mayor has rejected these kind and much needed offers many times. His incompetence as mayor has caused the city and its citizens to suffer in every way.

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Mayor Wheeler was not the only Mayor to make such a selfish decision. Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago banned all protests around her block, and she upped police presence in the area. She justified her decision by saying “I have a right to my security”; her statement was correct, but she doesn’t believe it applies to everyone else. Chicago has always been a city full of crime, but it has also been known as a city led by democrats. For the last century democratic rule has turned Chicago into a city festering with crime. Portland has been under democratic rule since the eighties and it has become a terrible place to live. Mayor Wheeler is only adding to the mess.

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(NY Post)

Mayor Wheelers denying the Presidents help shows that Democrats don’t want to help their cities. Their unexplainable hate for the President trumps their willingness to help their cities. Mayor Lightfoot will do anything to keep herself safe, but will not do the same for her citizens. It is important to note that both of these mayors are justified in their decisions; these violent rioters pose a threat to everyone, especially to the people that won’t help them. The problem arises when government officials refuse to help their citizens.

Ted Wheeler has had many opportunities to diffuse the situation in Portland, but he won’t do a thing. The only way these cities will become better is if their leaders get their act together and make changes. Democratic rule has lasted far too long and shown far too little fruit. Citizens must demand this change in order to see it otherwise it will only get worse. Know your rights, know you’re freedoms and don’t let Democratic rule keep your city from being clean, successful, and safe.