POLL: Are You Voting to Re-elect President Donald J. Trump this November 2020 Election?

The 2020 election is coming in hot with 51 days until every last ballot is cast and counted to learn who the American people have elected President for the United States of Americans.

Democrat Joe Biden has only built his campaign on the lies he has promulgated from his first days in public office decades ago. He’s had years to fix the problems he’s promised to but hasn’t made a dent anywhere. Now all he’s hoping for is that Americans will be duped into voting for him to be President where he can continue his lies but this time on the world stage.

President Donald Trump has only been in office coming on four years now and has delivered on several of his campaign promises. From building the wall to prison reform to pulling us out of disastrous trade deals to putting Americans first President Trump has proved he is the President of the people and he lives by his word.

When Donald Trump took his oath of office on January 20, 2017 he promised he would make America great again, he has done that, and now he wants to keep America great. He’s ready to finish what he started and deliver on his promises.

Will you be voting to re-elect President Donald J. Trump this November 2020 Election? Vote now!

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