Police Officer Shot in Louisville Riots, Still Makes Roll Call the Next Day

As another American city explodes into flames, two police officers, officer Robinson Desrouches and Maj. Aubrey Gregory, ended up shot by violent rioters clobbering Louisville, Kentucky, after no cops involved in the accidental shooting of Breonna Taylor were charged with her death. One cop, however, was charged with wanton endangerment. Despite being shot in the hip, Maj. Gregory still made roll call not 24 hours after the incident. “We’re happy to share this short video of Majory Gregory, walking in to [sic] one of our roll calls less than 24 hours after being shot,” the department posted to its Facebook page.

Since leading the Louisville Metro Police Department’s Special Operation Division, Maj. Gregory stood right at the front lines. According to the department, Maj. Gregory will not report back to full duty yet. 

The other officer, officer Desrouches, remains in the hospital following surgery after being shot in the abdomen. 

Larynzo Johnson, the suspected shooter of both cops, was charged with two counts of assault in the first degree and 14 counts of wanton endangerment.

Against a social movement aiming to abolish the law enforcement apparatus and smear every noble officer as racist and corrupt, moments such as these serve as glimmering reminders of the dedication our police force has to defending us from truly the worst humanity has to offer. Instead of becoming bitter, instead of allowing the hatred directed at him to force him to crumble and turn in his badge, he stood his ground. To uproarious applause, he returned to his post, unfazed by the unjust hostility against our police. 

While celebrities and politicians bail out violent rioters, sports league proclaim BLACK LIVES MATTER without condemning their insurrective underbelly, and the Left incessantly harass our police force, we, as a nation, have demonized those protecting us and made heroes out of those trying to shatter us. Only more and more police officers go down trying to keep our communities safe, courage that must always be appreciated and revered.