Operation Triple Beam: U.S. Marshals Rescue 5 Children in Oklahoma and Arrest 262 Suspects

Operation Triple Beam was a 60-day U.S. Marshal operation to reduce violent gang crime in Oklahoma City. It ended on September 6 but ended with the arrest of 262 criminals, 141 of which were gang members. Arrests included 21 assault suspects, 21 burglary suspects, 88 weapons offense suspects, 6 homicide suspects, and 57 drug offense suspects as stated by the U.S. Marshals Service news release.

5 missing children were rescued but the particulars of their situation is unclear and hopefully forthcoming. Officers seized 72 firearms, 9 kilograms of narcotics, and almost $17,000.

Several local agencies and departments also participated in the operation, including the Oklahoma City Police Department, Highway Patrol, Sheriff’s Office, the Shawnee and Yukon Police Departments, ATF, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, Homeland Security, the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office, as well as several others.

Pablo Robledo, Dkwon Littlejohn, Chasady Hall, and Charles Hall are among those arrested. Robledo is a member of the Surenos gang and was arrested on July 31 before the arrest he had fled the Oklahoma County Detention Center and was awaiting murder charges. Littlejohn was booked on July 27 for burglarizing a vehicle belonging to a special agent from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and stealing the agent’s duty rile. The Halls were arrested on August 12 in Midwest City after kidnapping their children from daycare. The children were in the custody of the Department of Human Services.

Sources: The New York Post, Fox 8 Photo from nypost.com