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Noor bin Ladin: “He [Trump] Must Be Reelected…It’s Vital for the Future of Not Only America, but Western Civilization as a Whole”

Noor bin Ladin, niece of Osama bin Laden, did an interview with the New York Post. In it, she warned that with a Biden/Harris administration that another attack similar to the 9/11 Terrorists attacks in 2001 is a very real possibility. She said, “ISIS proliferated under the Obama/Biden administration” and that they weren’t hard on the terrorist cell enough, but that Trump has proved he does and will protect America from any foreign threat “by obliterating terrorists at the root and before they get a chance to strike.”

Noor bin Ladin
photo from independent.co.uk

She is the daughter of Carmen Dufour and Yeslam bin Ladin, the half brother of Osama. She pointed out that her branch of the family spells the name differently than her infamous murderer uncle. Her parents divorced in 1988 and she and her two sisters were raised in Switzerland. From there, she watched America and over the years has consumed a lot of conservative media. She calls herself “an American at heart” and often wears a red MAGA hat.

Side by side of Noor bin Ladin in a MAGA hat and President Trump
photo from blacksportsonline.com

Noor said she has long supported President Trump, starting when he announced his run for the presidency in 2015. She says she admires his resolve and insists that him being reelected is imperative to the survival of America itself and western civilization as a whole.

You look at the terrorist attacks that have happened in Europe over the past 19 years. They have completely shaken us to the core… [Radical Islam] has completely infiltrated our society. In the US it’s very worrying that the left has aligned itself completely with the people who share that ideology.”

Noor bin Ladi
photo from thesun.co.uk
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