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New Call of Duty Brings Anti-Communist Message

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is the 2020 edition of the popular gaming series. This year, the game will be centered on the events during the cold war. The teaser trailer for this game was released in August and it had a message to the world, “Know your history, or be doomed to repeat it.” The trailer features an interview with a man named Yuri Bezmenov. In his interview, he warns the United States of what is going on. He lists 4 things that will lead to the destruction of the nation. I will discuss those 4 things below the video.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Official Teaser Trailer

Stage 1: Demoralization

Yuri Bezmenov says that the first step of the process to destroy a nation is demoralization. It takes 15-20 years to demoralize an entire nation. If we look back since the year 2000, we can safely say that the demoralization of America is essentially complete. The entertainment industry in America has swiftly become demoralized in front of our eyes and it has become normal for us to see and hear things that are NSFW. Our nation was built on the idea of one nation under God, but we are seeing this idea fall apart as the younger generation rises into nihilism. It is safe to say that America has undergone a loathsome amount of demoralization.

Stage 2: Destabilization

The most important part of destabilization is essentials: Economy, foreign relations and defense systems. In the United States of America, we definitely have undergone a lot of these things but I don’t think the enemy has succeeded completely yet. Our economy is strong under the President even though COVID-19 has given it all it can take. It is still yet to be seen how much of a long term impact the virus will have. If there is anything we can be sure about in 2020 though, its that the United States is becoming more destabilized as the political ends of the country further divide.

Stage 3: Crisis

We are witnessing riots in many places around the country today. This is a sign of crisis, and we are allowing lies to create the crisis. Those on the left who continue to lie about the depth of problem concerning police brutality are mostly responsible for what is occurring inside our nation. The media has allowed anecdotal events like George Floyd to be painted as something that occurs in the lives of the average black person in America. The data simply does not back up this idea but that doesn’t seem to matter. We are going to chant “systemic racism” until we reach a full blown crisis in our nation. It does not seem to be ending anytime soon.

Stage 4: Normalization

This is the part that is on us to fix. Are we going to allow these events to become normal in our daily lives? Every single time a minority is killed by police are we going to burn down our communities? A majority of Americans are against the rioting and burning, but are we doing enough to prevent it from feeling normal? I know for me, seeing a city burn down on the news is starting to feel normal. To the point that I don’t even feel surprised or shocked by it. This is the dangerous territory we are entering and we must find a way to stop it.

Know Your History Or Be Doomed To Repeat It

Anyone who believes we as a nation cannot fall to communism isn’t paying attention. The democratic party has become unrecognizable from just a few years back. We are inching our way towards communism in this country. Through cultural Marxism as well as far left policies, we could find the United States of America has become unrecognizable. Are we going to push back and fight to save the nation that has given freedom to more people than any other nation? This has to be the line that we draw, we cannot push any further left. The rioting must end and the people of the United States must rise up on November 3rd and reject the far left ideology being pushed. We are reaching a breaking point, what side will the Americans choose?

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