Nancy Pelosi Caught Getting Haircut in San Francisco Where it is Still Banned

Nancy Pelosi was seen on security footage at a hair salon, completely disregarding the mask mandate she set up in her state. she claims the salon owner “set her up” and has moved to open hair salons but keep other establishments closed. Salon owner Erica Kious claims Pelosi was not set up, and has since received multiple death threats from Pelosi’s fanbase. She also had to shutter her doors and relocate because of the threats. Kious stated in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson that she didn’t know Pelosi was coming in.

Salonist strikes back

It was the speaker’s assistant who made the appointment, so there’s no way she could have set her up. Erica stated in another interview that Pelosi ‘owed the entire country an apology’ after violating her own covid-19 restrictions. while business suffer and are forced to go under because Pelosi’s mandate, she was out getting a new hair do, paid for by taxpayer’s salaries. #NancyBlowOut is now trending on twitter after the video surfaced.

Some may be surprised by this. However, those of us who know the game also know of the left’s blatant hypocrisy. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has put security around her neighborhood and hers alone. She claimed “she has a right to make sure that her home is secure”. while her city burns, she only cares about the safety of her own home. Instead of helping her city, Nancy Pelosi went out to get a haircut. At what point will people start to see this was never about the virus? Seeing as it’s an election year, coronavirus will most likely cease to exist after November 3rd.