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| On 2 months ago

LA County Tries to Ban Halloween Activities but Quickly Walks Back that Decision and Rightfully So

Los Angeles County Public Health officials announced that Halloween activities were not permitted this year due to the coronavirus.

Not even a day had passed before they changed that move. Now they are saying that that decision is “slightly revised” and instead of being prohibited the activities are “not recommended”. They are suggesting that families find alternative ways to celebrate the holiday.

Residents were not happy but with the decision to cancel holiday festivities and say that proper precautions can be taken like social distancing or sanitizing the prepackaged candy. Others, however, think the cancelation is a good idea.

This is just another example of the many, many ways Democrats have slowly tried to gain more control over the lives of Americans. Anything that is good and decent, like going to church, voting, enjoying the company of family and friends, or celebrating the holidays, they try to stop by shouting, “but the coronavirus!” Americans have had enough of the games and are ready to reclaim the rights, privileges, and freedoms we’ve come dangerously close to losing.

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