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| On 2 months ago

It Is Time to Wake Up to the Demoralization of America: Netflix releases disgusting film “Cuties.”

At what point will the American public say enough is enough when it comes to its own entertainment industry? Will it take sexualization of children or will it take more? It seems that more than just a few people are finally taking a stand as #cancelNetflix has been trending on the internet. It seems to me that this should be something that most Americans can unite on, but there are still plenty of people defending the film.

Vox Staff Member’s Defense of “Cuties”

Can anyone name a single reason why this film should be recommended to anyone? It seems that Aja Romano of Vox can as she calls 11 year old twerkers “wonderful” and “poignant.” It seems as if the normalization of pedophilia has already swept us and a majority of the public hasn’t realized it until right now. In America, we value the family and this film is built on values that want to destroy the family. We need to take a hard look at what is happening here and ensure that we condemn people like Aja who want to normalize this kind of disgusting film.

The conspiracy theorists seem less and less crazy every day that goes by. It seems as if there is some very evil people at the very top of our society that are intentionally demoralizing us one small step at a time. We need to take responsibility for what we have allowed to happen and now it is time to stop it.

It is Time to Wake Up To What is Happening Around Us

It is no longer okay to be someone who isn’t interested in politics. This isn’t the days of George Bush when you could be politically uninvolved. We are at a crossroads in our society that has very clear choices. One road wants to completely change who we are and rebuild into something frightening. The other side wants to take the greatest nation on earth and continue to make it even better. Which way will we go? This election is going to have major implications on which path this nation will choose.