Governor Cuomo Says that President Trump Caused Virus Outbreak in New York

Governor Cuomo Says that President Trump Caused Virus Outbreak in New York - Bill de Blasio | The Raging Patriot

Governor Cuomo of New York hasn’t been a stranger to verbal fights with the President of the United States. Today was no different as Governor Cuomo came out with another slew of attacks towards President Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump caused the COVID outbreak in New York”

Cuomo was not mincing words when he blamed Trump for the outbreak. The question we have to answer is that if Cuomo has a point? We can break down the numbers and see that New York ranks 2nd worst in deaths per 100,000 people and only narrowly trails their neighboring state New Jersey. Are governors or presidents more responsible for individual states? That is a question that needs to be answered to solve this dispute.

Why Does New York and New Jersey Have Unusually High Death Rates?

New York and New Jersey both are above 170 in deaths per 100,000 people. The next closest state would be Massachusetts at 132. Only 6 states in the United States have a death rate above 100 and a majority of states have a death rate below 40. What caused states like New York to have such a high death rate? One answer is found in who the states protected the most. In New York and much of the northeast of the U.S. there is a high number of nursing home patients who got covid and died. We all know that covid-19 hurts the elderly the most, so why did some states get it right and others didn’t? Is it because Donald Trump? Or is it because of the individual Governors?

In Governor Cuomo’s own state, there was a directive sent early on to send covid patients into nursing homes. This was a decision made by New York, not the federal government. So the conclusion may have a lot unanswered still, but we can almost surely conclude that the death rate in New York is much more on the hands of Governor Cuomo than it is Donald Trump. Governor Cuomo made a decision that cost thousands of elderly people their lives and he wants to pass that blame on someone else. Unfortunately for him, the evidence is pretty clear that he has a major piece of the blame when it comes to covid in New York.