Covid-19 Cover Up; Nashville Mayor and The Democrats Skew Numbers

Leaked emails between the Democratic Mayor of Nashville, John Cooper, and his advisors appear to show that he has been deliberately covering up the number of coronavirus cases which come from bars and restaurants in the area of Lower Broadway. This revelation is made particularly harrowing by the COVID-induced struggle faced by small-business owners lately, and brings into question some of the draconian measures adopted by John Cooper’s administration. The emails discuss the figures themselves, their implications and, alarmingly, how to hide the information from the public. When discussing the figures on coronavirus cases from restaurants and bars, Cooper’s aide Benjamin Eagles describes them as ‘not for public consumption’.

Mayor John Cooper seems desperate to hide the real coronavirus figures (photo credit: The Tennessean)

I can think of many words to describe Cooper’s attitude towards small-businesses, but the one that sums it up best is disgusting. The hospitality industry is a vital part of Nashville. Nashville is, after all, the home of country music and a place known for its lively nightlife. To deprive thousands of hard-working Americans of income that they so desperately need during these difficult times is not the decision of a politician who has his people’s best interests at heart, but of a depraved lunatic, hell-bent on sowing the seeds of division and poverty in the hope it will garner him a few more votes. There are many things wrong with the Democrats, and we can add John Cooper to that ever-expanding list.

So what exactly was Mayor Cooper so desperate to hide? As it turns out, the number of coronavirus cases originating from bars and restaurants in Lower Broadway was a mere 80 out of 22,000. I am not advocating for the US to re-open fully; I am someone who believes it must re-open slowly to protect as many lives as possible. However, no one in their right mind can deny that 80 cases but a drop in the 22,000 cases-strong ocean of cases Nashville is currently drowning in. Even council member Steve Glover was disgusted by these revelations, saying that the Mayor’s office is ‘fabricating information’. He too finds it incredulous that the man who raised taxes 34% is unwilling to be honest about coronavirus figures and get Americans back to work. It seems like Mayor John Cooper really does hate the people of either Lower Broadway or Nashville as a whole.