Chinese Virologist Claims the Corona Virus was Manufactured in a Lab

Chinese virologist and former researcher at the Hong Kong School of public health has issued a statement saying corona virus was manufactured in lab in Wuhan, China. Dr. Li-Men Yan also stated that SARS-CoV-2’s biological characteristics aren’t aligned with a naturally occurring zoonotic virus.” It’s genome was found to have advanced laboratory alteration.

Yan fled Hong Kong to come to America to raise awareness about the virus. Dr. Yan has been in hiding, fearing for her life. She claims to have done her research with the CDC in China as well as their local doctors.

The lab denied any kind of foul play and quickly shrugged off any criticism. Yuan Zhiming, the director of Wuhan’s Institute of virology stated that Yan had never conducted any research in his facility. Yuan denies Yan’s claim that the coronavirus was accidentally spread from his facility.

Yan made this discovery while working on a study. She was doing research on a “new pneumonia” in China and soon made her discovery about the coronavirus. She reported her findings to her WHO consultants who did nothing but sweep it under the rug.

Yan was warned that she was in danger if she released any of this information. The Chinese government has muffled its critics in the past. Many of those who spoke out against the Chinese government have gone missing or have been killed. 130 people were killed in the Hong Kong protests in 2019. Many children also went missing during the ordeal. Yan held a low profile until she was out of her government’s reach for this reason.