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Breaking News from Los Angeles: Protests Follow After Armed Man Flees then Killed by Police

A man on a bicycle was stopped by officers for code violations when he took off running. Deputies caught up with the man who they say was carrying a bundle of clothing. He punched a deputy and the clothes fell from his hands and so did a handgun.

It is not entirely clear what happened, but witnesses say that deputies fired more than a dozen shots. It is not confirmed but he is believed to have been shot in the back. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

A statement from the department reads, “During the contact, a fight ensued between the suspect and deputies. The suspect produced a handgun and a deputy-involved ‘hit’ shooting occurred. The suspect’s handgun was recovered.

Video of officers chasing the man is going around the internet but it does not provide further details as to what happened before shots were fired.

Protests have started as a result of the shooting. Video shows a large group of people blocking sheriff vehicles.

This is a developing story, updates to come.

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