BREAKING: City of Reno Cancels Trump Rally

The Trump campaign was forced to cancel a rally that was supposed to happen this Saturday at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. There was a 50 person limit and they exceeded the capacity almost immediately. Have any of Joe Biden’s rallies ever been canceled? well since they haven’t surpassed the 50 person limit yet, that would be a strong no. even without social distancing, Biden’s rallies have never exceeded Trump’s on a good day.

BREAKING: City of Reno Cancels Trump Rally - White House Press Secretary | The Raging Patriot
Trump in North Carolina -(NYT)

The president says he’ll still come to Nevada, and everything will go as planned. Whether or not the rally will continue as planned is still unclear. The rally was supposed to be held in a private hangar. Airport Authority said it wasn’t safe for that many people to be congregating in such a small space.

Senior vice president of the airport authority, Tina Iftiger, stated that the 5,000 person rally was a “violation of this directive” referring to governor Sisolak’s emergency directive regarding public gatherings. Just to recap, we were fully capable to congregate in downtown Reno a month ago to protest, but now having people attend a rally is too dangerous. We’re the ones playing with fire while there were people starting fires during the riots in early June after a second wave of BLM protests started up after laying dormant since 2016.