Bernie Sanders supporters chant “Eat The Rich” and then watch him fly to his third house

Bernard Sanders of Vermont is widely known as a radical leftist in American Politics. He is such a rich-hating socialist that he himself has chosen to become the type of person that he hates. While Bernie supporters are chanting “eat the rich!” Bernie himself is getting more wealthy every day as he sells his anti-capitalist message to his socialist supporters. Bernie is using capitalism to gain wealth while telling his supporters they are poor because of the system. If Bernie hates rich people so much, why doesn’t he donate his money instead of buying houses? Is it because he secretly enjoys capitalism? His supporters clearly don’t notice Bernie gaining wealth off of their own stupidity.

It is quite common for Bernard Sanders to rile up his supporters, but what is incredible is his ability to get them to hate rich people. Bernard Sanders net worth is upwards of $2,000,000 which is very wealthy. Learning about how he acquired his wealth is quite contrary to what he preaches. According to CNBC, a major chunk of his wealth comes from book sales and book deals. Is Bernie really an avowed socialist? Or is he just another career politician who is getting richer while he is supposed to be a public servant of the citizens of Vermont?

Be the change you want to see in the world Bernie, stop taking advantage of a good capitalist system and join your fellow comrades in the fight for economic justice! If everybody can’t be rich, then nobody should be!

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