Why Socialism Never Works and Capitalism is the Key

For years Democrats have promised a Utopian America through Democratic Socialism. They’ve showered people with the guise that equality of outcome is not only an attainable future but a near present reality and that equality of opportunity is oppressive, racist, and rooted in white supremacy and the patriarchy.

They fail to remember and understand that it is impossible to guarantee equal outcome, that’s because everyone will make their own choices. You cannot guarantee that everyone can live the same, and that’s boring anyway. But America is the land of opportunity, here you can do and be anything. Here you have every chance available to you and with each chance you miss there is another one right there.

When asked how Democratic Socialism differs from Socialism the only answer they can come up with is that it hasn’t been tried yet. No facts, data, statistics, or real world plausible plans that could prove that Democratic Socialism could be a viable option.

Once again, Democrats prove that they are all talk and no delivery. They fail repeatedly and constantly let down every American that they have made promises to for decades. Fact is, socialism doesn’t work, it will never work. It’s a glittering facade.

Capitalism on the other hand is the key to a successful future for every American and the nation as a whole. It allows for free markets and competition where businesses can not only survive but thrive! Capitalism is the government trusting businesses to not only be successful and stay out of the way for them to do so, but it’s the government trusting American business owners. Socialism is the opposite. Socialism squashes the American dream.

America has been able to flourish the way it has for so long through capitalism, the perseverance and dreams of the American people, and the sacrifices of every American soldier and citizen who built this country on their back. We’ve fought terrorism in the eye and kicked back when threats tried to knock us down. We have not fallen nor will we. Socialism is a poison that leads to death by Communism.