Why Most Democrats Refuse To Talk About The Real Issues Facing Black Americans

Why Most Democrats Refuse To Talk About The Real Issues Facing Black Americans - United States | The Raging Patriot
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Quite often we hear high ranking republicans and conservative talk show hosts speak out about black on black crime. Many democrats don’t like talking about this subject and will get angry at anyone who tries to bring it up. The question today is why don’t democrats like talking about it? They will usually say that this is deflecting from real issues because white on white crime is also a problem in places. In my view, all crime is an issue so they technically are right about that. The problem with this argument is that the rate at which Black Americans are affected by crime is incredibly higher than any other race.

Inner Cities, where a lot of the Black Americans live, are among the most dangerous places in the nation.

We all remember when the Washington Post tried to claim most of the violent cities aren’t run by democrats, and then they showed the data to disprove their own headline. According to their own data, 19 out of the top 20 cities have democrat mayors. And if you move the data to per 100,000 civilians, the story doesn’t change. It is quite incredible that the Washington Post hasn’t taken this article down because it proves what Donald Trump was saying is correct. Nearly all of the dangerous cities have been led by a democrats for decades.

Places like Chicago can give us a view as to why the Democrats don’t like talking about this subject. When was the last time that Chicago was not run by a left-wing politician? That would be the year 1931, when Chicago was run by Republican Mayor William Thompson. Chicago is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States of America. According to the crime index, Chicago is rated a 7 out of 100, 100 being the safest places in the nation and a 1 being the least safe. Why wouldn’t the Democrats want to talk about a city that they have been in charge of for nearly a century? Well, because that city is clearly one of the least safe places in the nation.

African-Americans are disproportionately affected by murder. And this isn’t caused by cops.

African Americans are being murdered at a rate much higher than White Americans are being murdered. In the year 2018, 6,088 White Americans were murdered while 7,407 African-Americans were murdered. African-Americans are about 13% of the population and yet they are more than 50% of all of the murder victims. So this leads us to the question, why are we focused so hard on police brutality but there is no focus on the disproportionate slaughter of black people in America? In 2019 there was only 14 unarmed black men shot and killed by police. What is the bigger issue and why do the Democrats only recognize one of them?

The plan of the democrats in this situation seems to be clear. They want to keep the majority of the public angry and distracted. If the public is distracted by the anti-cop movement, then the public will stay angry and divided. If the democrats could focus even half of the time on the problem that is actually killing black people maybe they could help save a few lives instead of helping destroy more.

Fatherless Homes Prevail As One Of The Biggest Issues Facing Americans, especially African-Americans

It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with culture. This is a very bold position that Ben Shapiro lays out in this clip. One of the most important foundations of Western Civilization is the family. As we continue to destroy the family we will also be destroying the lives of many children. Can anyone on the left explain how the goals of the BLM movement are going to help if they want to destroy the family further? The numbers that correlate to this issue are astounding. Go to this link to view the shocking statistics.

65% of African-American Children Are Living in a Single Parent Household

If you combine this statistic with the fact that 71% of all high school drop outs come from a fatherless household, you start to see that there is a major issue on our hands. The lack of focus on these issues has led America to where it is today. We as a society are focusing on issues that, if solved, won’t benefit the majority of the population. We can shout police brutality until the end of time, but that isn’t going to stop the thousands of black men and women being killed in their own dangerous cities. If we shout SYSTEMIC RACISM constantly, it won’t solve the problem of a culture that has been taken over by fatherless homes.

This unfortunately is what the democrats want. They do not want to solve the real problems in America because they need victim classes to vote for them in a monolith. We cannot focus on the real issues at hand because the dialogue has been shut off for anything outside of what the mob wants. If you mention fatherless homes, you will be labeled as a racist. If you mention that police brutality is a minuscule problem compared to the other problems in the black community, you will be called a racist. This is how it is and it is time for people to wake up to the tactics of the Democratic party before it is too late. 2020 could be a make or break year, and if the Democrats take over the government further, you can expect none of these problems to be solved any time soon.