WATCH NOW! SpaceX’s SN5 Finally Makes 150m Hop!

Finally after months of anticipation and excitement, SpaceX tested one of their Starship prototypes. Yesterday in Boca Chica Texas, SpaceX’s SN5 test vehicle took to the skies in a 150m test hop, the first of many tests to come.

SN5 is latest in a series of test vehicles (MK1, MK2, SN1, SN3 & SN4 were all previous versions of SN5) in SpaceX’s pursuit to develop their latest rocket, Starship.

Elon Musk has recently stated that the development of Starship was SpaceX’s biggest priority. Starship will be the largest and most powerful rocket every built and will be 100% reusable with minimal maintenance; meaning, Starship could fly multiple times in a day.

Starship will be a two stage rocket, the upper stage will be known as ‘starship’ while the lower stage is ‘superheavy’ (which is also now in development).

Watch SN5’s 150m hop below!

Video Credit: Everyday Astronaut (YouTube)