Views for Night 1 of the RNC Blows the DNC Out the Water

C-SPAN reported 76,000 views for the beginning of the Democratic National Convention but the Republican National Convention drew in over 400,000 views, an increase of more than 300,000. That is 6 times more viewers.

On the night that Joe Biden spoke 21.8 million people had tuned in to watch but that number is over 38% lower than President Trump’s acceptance speech at the RNC in 2016 ranking in with 34.9 million viewers.

Though Democrats promised exciting speeches from people like the former first lady and president Michelle and Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren, and Kamala Harris, a great number more of people tuned in to see speeches from Charlie Kirk, Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle, Matt Gaetz, the McCloskeys, Herschel Walker, and other real Americans.

It’s reported that viewership on networks CBS, NBC, and ABC are down by 42%. News outlets that despise the President and Republicans are trying to smear and twist the RNC into being a disaster, they seem to forget it was the DNC that imploded on itself. The numbers and rousing support from Americans for President Trump do not lie. The Republican National Convention 2020 is so far proving to be a success, it can only get better from here.

Speakers for night two include First Lady Melania Trump, Eric Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.