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USPS Postmaster DeJoy is to Testify to Senate on Mail-in Ballots


The recent attention the United States Postal Service, USPS,  has been getting might be the most it has ever had before.  Thoughts of President Trump intentionally sabotaging the USPS out of fear of mail-in voting has become a big conspiracy among Democrats.  Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is facing criticism and is scheduled for hearings over the next few days.  This has been a progressing issue and it is extremely important in regards to how America will vote this November.


The postal service has come under fire recently because of thoughts that it is slowing down on purpose.  Things like reduced employment and cutting overtime are some of the factors related to this conspiracy theory of sorts.  The fact that DeJoy is a supporter of President Trump only adds fuel to the fire.  

Trump’s Thoughts

President Trump is has concerns that nationwide mail-in voting will hurt his chances for re-election.  He even posted a study that a local news channel did on his YouTube channel that reveals some of the issues with mail-in voting.  

(The first day of hearings is on Friday, not Saturday)


Louis DeJoy is set to appear for hearings on Friday with Senate and House committees.  This is to address recent delays in mail delivery and concerns about the Postal Service’s ability to handle mail-in voting for November’s elections” (Segers).  President Trump is very upset with the timing of the hearings, as they are very close to the Republican National Convention.  

The changes that were occurring within the postal service have been halted.  Along with the aforementioned changes, removing postal boxes and cutting post office hours were also planned to take place.  


2020 has been a wild year so far and now there is a conspiracy theory about the postal service that is spreading rapidly.  President Trump’s concern over the issue with the USPS is only growing due to some of DeJoy’s hearings happening during the RNC.  The hysteria around this election has elevated to another level.  


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