Unrest, Looting, Dozens of Arrests, and Shots Fired in Chicago

Mass looting hit Magnificent Mile Shopping District in Chicago with hundreds of people taking merchandise and emptying cash drawers from stores. Parking lots a few miles from downtown were covered with glass bottles, trash, and items from the stores.

Aftermath of Chicago shopping center looted, photo from newsweek.com

Police Superintendent, David Brown, said it was a planned “incident of true criminality” in response to a person being shot by police in Englewood the day before. Police responded to a call about a man with a gun. When officers arrived they found someone in an alley matching the mans description, when confronted he fled from the officers and shot at them.

Early Monday shots were fired which prompted return fire from the police and no injuries were reported. A heavy police presence has been put in place until things settle down again.

The looting led to the arrests of 100 people and they are expected to face charges of looting, disorderly conduct, battery against police, and others.

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Arrests in Chicago, photo from fox10phoenix.com

At the request of public safety officials public transit has been shut down for the time being, as well as bridges over the Chicago River being lifted.

In all the chaos 13 police officers have been injured and 2 other people have been shot.