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In New Hampshire Rally Trump Takes a Swipe at Failed Democrat Run Cities

By Summer Dawn

President Trump has never been afraid to jump right into things and he is already back with campaign rallies. His New Hampshire rally opened his post-nomination acceptance campaign tour of 2020. He spoke on the violence administered throughout the United States, pinpointing the Democrats as the cause.

White House Protest

Trump began by speaking on the violence outside of the White House event where he accepted the nomination of the Republican party and broadened it to all of the violence.

The president went so far as to bring up the fact that the violence is most often, if not exclusively, in Democrat-run cities.

“The mayor should be ashamed for that kind of display of incompetence. It’s happening all over when you have Democrat-run cities.”

The attention is largely due to the viral video of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky) being verbally assaulted by protesters outside of the White House event. He was surrounded by four police-officers who walked him to his hotel room. These officers used their bodies and bicycles to form a protective barrier around Paul.

Trump praised both the police and the Senator in his speech.

“Police took tremendous abuse. Rand Paul was in big trouble last night. He’s a good guy.”

He also announced that he plans to invite the police officers who helped to protect Senator Paul to the White House where they will receive a medal.

Trump said that his administration and staff is supposed to stay out of the problems in D.C. unless there is insurection, but is not opposed to doing something to stop the chaos.

“That’s a big statement, but you know what we’re going to have to do? We’re going to have to look at it, because we’re not going to let that happen to people who go to the White House to celebrate our country.

A Biden-Harris America vs A Trump America

Trump then took a stab directly at his Presidential opponent, Joe Biden. He claimed that Biden was nothing but a “puppet” being manipulated by the far left and that his opposer “Doesn’t even know he’s alive.”

“I believe I have the honor of running against the worst candidate ever put up by the Democratic Party.”

After bashing his opponent, he turned on the entire party.

Today’s Democratic Party is filled with hate. Just look at Biden supporters screaming at people at the street with unhinged, manic rage.”

“We’ve spent last the last four years cleaning up 47 years of Biden disasters,”

he said in rebuttal to Biden’s new healthcare plan. Claiming that Biden was anti- “oil, guns and God.”

After discussing his own plans. including the “Right to Try” plan that would allow experimental treatments for the terminally ill. One supporter was particular excited by this and President Trump invited him to have a personal conversation with a simple, “I’ve seen you at a lot rallies. We’ll talk after this.”

After months of civil unrest, much of it has been placed on Trump. The Biden-Harriss campaign has repeatedly accused Trump of purposefully causing racial hatred. The president’s response was to point out his administration funding historically black colleges. He said it is not himc causing the racial strife.

“The radical left’s effort to divide everyone by race tears us apart. There is so much racial hatred.”

A Word to New Hampshire

Trump then directed his statements directly at the people of New Hampshire, claiming that they owed him votes.

“You better vote for me or you’re going to have the greatest depression you’ve ever seen,”

Then reinforcing his statement that he will continue to uphold religious liberties and that this is a movement.

“We are one movement, one people and one nation under God and we don’t take the beautiful word God out of our Pledge of Allegiance.”

His post-acceptance rallies already seem to be taking off and building the energy that Donald Trump thrives on. We will truly know hos successful they are come November.

Summer Dawn

Conservative Christian. Pro-God Pro-Gun Pro-Life Trying to spread the truth in a world of lies.