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| On 2 months ago

Trump Derangement Syndrome: Two Women Bully 7 Year Old Who Was Holding Trump Sign

Today in America, it is becoming socially acceptable to target and attack anyone who publicly supports The President of the United States. In the video below, a mother and her child were attacked and their property was destroyed by anti-Trump leftists.

Trump Derangement Syndrome

This is starting to become a major problem that needs to be cooled down by the left. The polarization that is being caused by this idea is incredibly hurtful to dialogue. A prime example of this is Jemele Hill, read her tweet below.

If this is how one side of the divide views the other, there is no chance of coming together for the good of the nation. This type of thinking is exactly what causes the nasty divide that we are experiencing here in the country. We must be above this type of thinking where we paint an entire group with the same brush. It is highly unlikely that any democrat politician will ever speak out against this kind of rhetoric, which means we are in for a nasty November election.

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