TikTok to Sue the Trump Administration

TikTok to Sue the Trump Administration - Presidency of Donald Trump | The Raging Patriot
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Trump’s Deadline for TikTok

President Trump issued an executive order that will ban TikTok in 45 days if they arenít sold to a U.S. Company. This has put a time clock on the life of the extremely popular app among teenagers and millennials. The App hosts about 800 million active users worldwide. The impending ban would be very fatal for TikTok. TikTok and its parent company ByteDance would lose the U.S. ad market which is the most lucrative in the world. The U.S. and many other nations such as India have identified the security concerns of Chinese apps that gather user data. The move by the Trump administration is aimed at the same goal. Trump seeks to make sure the U.S. is secure and clean from Chinese influence. “The Administration is committed to protecting the American people from all cyber related threats to critical infrastructure, public health and safety, and our economic and national security,” according to White House spokesman Judd Deere.

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ByteDance Preparing Litigation

TikTok particularly itís parent company, ByteDance, on the other hand is planning to sue the Administration. They allege that the administrations national security justification is baseless according to an NPR source that is involved with the upcoming suit. ByteDance knows that if they donít sell, they will lose potentially 10-50 billion depending on the evaluation of TikTok. There are many potential buyers such as Microsoft and Facebook. However, ByteDance, would like to keep TikTok that way user data will flow through the servers in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP has been allegedly partnered with ByteDance for many years. That is where the security threat lies.

This is nothing new for ByteDance as TikTok has gotten banned in India which had reportedly even more users then the U.S.. The US Military banned TikTok on all personal and government phones as well already. This current administration seeks to also secure all U.S. residents data.

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EVIL CCP. China is known to not be trustable.