5 Year Old Cannon Hinnant Shot Dead, Media is Silent

Cannon Hinnant was riding his bike and playing with his sisters Sunday evening when he was shot in the head and killed by a neighbor. He was only five years old.

 Wilson | The Raging Patriot
Cannon Hinnant, riding his bicycle, photo from wilsontimes.com

A neighbor said that Darius Sessoms, the murderer, had been at the family’s home Saturday night for dinner and was there again earlier that Sunday. Doris Lybrand, who witnessed the shooting, said that Sessoms ran up to Cannon, put the gun to his head, and pulled the trigger. She called 911 and Cannon was rushed to the hospital where he passed away.

Sessoms was later caught and is facing first-degree murder charges. Police have not yet revealed a motive.

Photo from disrn.com

The few news outlets that have covered the story say that he was killed for riding his bike into the neighbor’s yard. His mom posted on Facebook that that is not the case and that her daughters were threatened as well.

Photo from dailymail.co.uk

The color of his skin and the color of his murderers’ skin shouldn’t matter because a little boy was killed. That is all that should matter. But had Cannon been black and his murderer been white this story would be on every mainstream media outlet, would be talked for weeks, and more protests would take over the country.

Absolutely there should be outrage. Outrage that a little, tiny boy was murdered. It shouldn’t matter what the color of his skin is, but the media thinks it matters. The media is wrong.

Why are all the people who are so quick to be loud about justice issues (democrats, celebrities, sjw’s) silent on this tragedy? That’s because the media told them to be. The media doesn’t care about the life and death of Cannon Hinnant, so they told the world that they shouldn’t care either.

Photo from gunmemorial.com

Even if they were both black or both white this wouldn’t be all over the news. It’s not being talked about because it was a white boy killed by a black man. That is disgusting. It should be talked about because it happened, not because of skin color.

 Wilson | The Raging Patriot
Photo from cbs17.com

But the media wants what it wants and if it’s not a story covered with racial slander they don’t care about it.

We at The Raging Patriot want the Hinnant family to know that Cannon’s life mattered. We express our deep condolences that his precious little life was taken terribly too soon. We hope and pray for justice and healing.

 Wilson | The Raging Patriot
Cannon Blake Hinnant, photo from wilsontimes.com

Cannon’s life had equal value and potential to that of George Floyd’s. We are all special, not because of our skin color, but because we are human. We all matter because we are human. All lives matter.