SpaceX Breaks Record by Landing Booster 6 Times!

 Falcon 9 | The Raging Patriot
Photo Credit: FOX News

It is no secret that Elon Musk’s life time goal has been to colonize Mars to make humanity a planetary species. In order to achieve that goal, Elon founded SpaceX in 2002 with the aim of lowering the cost to get to space.

What was the strategy to lower the cost of something that seems to be impossible to do? Make rockets reusable!

SpaceX has been able to do something that no other space company or space agency has done, and that is to land the first stage booster of a rocket; the most expensive component to building a rocket.

This is really what has allowed SpaceX to emerge on the global stage of rocket launches, allowing SpaceX to break up the ULA who previously had a monopoly on space launches.

SpaceX has made landing its massive first stage boosters seem routine and it just landed one of its first stage booster for its 6th time, making it a new record.

SpaceX has also seen a lot of success recently in landing their nose cones that sits atop the rocket and protects the payload.

SpaceX plans on making rockets 100% reusable with rapid reusability to make space travel cheap enough to colonize the solar system with their new Starship rocket.