Sign This Petition If You Support the Police and Are Against Them Being Defunded!

Austin City Council made waves when they announced that their police department budget would be slashed by 1/3, equaling $150 million.

Money will be taken away from new officer training and redirected toward abortion access. This seems to be the most counter-effective decision they possibly could have made, considering that the left’s biggest issue is with a lack of training within law enforcement.

What the left should be advocating for if they are concerned with a lack of training is increasing the budget of police department’s across the country to give our police better training, but of course this doesn’t fit their narrative.

Several other cities are talking about defunding their police departments and taking charge to make the abolition of police a reality, albeit a scary one.

Now more than ever our officers need to know that we have their back. Sign this petition if you support the police and are against them being defunded!

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