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Sign This Petition if You Demand Photo ID to Vote!

By Savanah Lyn Thomas

Trump sent out this tweet Thursday night:

Having photo ID Is vital to fair and legal elections. Democrats fail to see that logic because they want to rig the election with votes from the deceased and illegal immigrants who have not earned the right to vote, yet.

This past Democrat National Convention really shows the true hypocrisy of the Democrat Party. They demand ID for the entry of their convention, but not for the entry to our country.

They want to defund the police and abolish the Second Amendment while Democrat politicians are guarded by armed security.

The list goes on. No matter the issue, the Democrats prove their position on issues have nothing to do with the protection of Americans in heart, but rather their own political gain in mind.

In an election as important as this November, the Democrats are willing to do anything to rig this upcoming election to take back the White House and Senate. We must stop them now and Demand in person voting with Voter ID!

Sign this petition if you demand photo ID to vote!

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Savanah Lyn Thomas

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