Sign This Petition if You Demand an Additional Debate to Take Place Prior to Early Voting!

Less than 80 days until the election!

Rudy Giuliani, Trump campaign representative, sent a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates on Wednesday asking for an additional debate before September 4.

He did that because by the time the first scheduled debate happens, an estimated 8 million Americans will have already voted!

With that many votes to be casted before Americans get to see their candidates debate, the election could yield a different outcome without seeing President Trump and Biden debate.

This is why the Biden campaign will do everything in their power to avoid an additional debate with President Trump. They are well aware of the fact that the debates will drastically swing voters away from Biden to President Trump.

In an election as important as this upcoming election, voters should be able to truly understand the principles and the policies that the candidates support, as well as their mental health capabilities.

Sign this petition if you demand an additional debate to take place prior to early voting!

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