Searching For The Soul of The Nation: New York City Attempts to abandon 9/11 Lights

Searching For The Soul of The Nation: New York City Attempts to abandon 9/11 Lights - 9/11 Memorial & Museum | The Raging Patriot

New York City announced that they wouldn’t be projecting the lights this year for the remembrance of the Twin Towers that fell on September 11th, 2001. COVID-19 has changed the world in many ways, but it seems to me that we are losing more than just people from this pandemic. America is losing its’ soul. The powerful patriotism that used to ring in the hearts of so many seems to be dimming. Calls for changing the Nation as we know it are growing and we have more at stake than we might realize.

While the media is at war with our police, many families to this day are still grieving from the heroes that put their lives on the line during the terrorist attacks. How many policemen and firefighters died that day? Do they not deserve this annual remembrance? Or are they all pigs too? I cannot comprehend how we as a society are allowing this to occur, we must remember 9/11 and the light show must go on to show that we can unite as a nation to remember the fallen heroes of that horrific day.

Why is projecting the lights too dangerous?

According to the Memorial Museum, they are cancelling it because about 40 people work together to put the show on and they don’t want to put their lives in danger. This brings me to question something about the motives behind the cancellations. Why was it not too dangerous for Mayor Bill de Blasio to paint “Black Lives Matter” on the street? Based on the videos I saw from that spectacle, many people were working close together to paint that slogan. Many people view this movement as extremely important so therefore it overrides the threats from the virus. I would argue that the day that brought America to its’ knees is important as well and we should still project the lights to remember one of the scariest days in American history.

The Soul of America is At War

Whether or not this attempted cancellation has dark motives behind it or not doesn’t really matter at this point. Most Americans today can see that there is a culture war going on inside this nation. If we allow the virus to defeat our remembrance of 9/11 but it doesn’t stop thousands from protesting together packed like sardines, does this signal that Americans are losing the war to preserve our nation? Why is one form of protest the only thing that is seen as okay to the media? Why can’t families enjoy a baseball game together but I can go march the street with thousands if I am holding a sign? There is something seriously wrong with what is happening here in our Nation.

Never Forget

We must never forget 9/11 and the fallen heroes of that day. We as a nation need to demand that this show must go on. This is a way to show appreciation to those who have died and we cannot allow this virus to stop us from remembering the American Giants who protected and served.

Charity Plans to perform the show because the city won’t do it