Remembering The Legacy Left By Herman Cain

Remembering The Legacy Left By Herman Cain - Herman Cain | The Raging Patriot
(Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images)

Herman Cain passed away unexpectedly this week after nearly a month long battle with covid-19. This was a man who survived a diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer more than 10 years ago. Cain was an icon of the African-American Conservative Movement and he appeared in the newly released film Uncle Tom. This was a man who built his life around hard work. This was a man who refused to allow himself to be a victim, he was a true American Patriot.

“Don’t Judge Somebody By The Color of Their Skin”

There is a valuable lesson that Herman Cain teaches us in this video. One of those things is that we should never judge somebody by the color of their skin. This year more than ever it seems as if we are doing the exact opposite. We have groups of people who are judging all white people simply because they are white. There are groups of people saying that black people who support conservatives are “coons” or “uncle toms”. All of this is the exact opposite of what Herman Cain taught about in this story. All Americans need to remember, “don’t judge somebody by the color of their skin.”

A Masters Degree

In the clip from the movie Uncle Tom, Herman Cain also speaks about one very important thing. He speaks about when his colleague, who happened to be white, was receiving pay raises faster than he was. Most people today would react quickly here and say that this was due to racial inequality. Herman Cain instead took action, he asked about this “injustice” and he got his answer, it was because his colleague had earned it by getting a masters degree. Did Herman Cain throw a fit because of this? No, Herman Cain instead went and got himself a masters degree.

Why is this so important today? Because today, society and the media is quick to jump to conclusions based on one single piece of evidence. In this case today, if Herman Cain had instead gone to the media and claimed racial injustice, the media and society would run with this and immediately label the company and CEO as racist. The reality of the matter was more complex than skin color and the strength that Herman Cain showed in this life story must be heard around this nation.

His Legacy

The legacy of Herman Cain can be viewed in many different ways. While evil people seem to be taking a victory lap on Donald Trump due to the death of this man, good human beings can look back and see what a wonderful life Herman Cain led. Being an African-American conservative is very much in the minority in America. This man was a steady leader of this small group of Americans and he led the way by showing us all that victim mentality is the path to destruction. We all mourn the death of this icon and wish his family the best. We can all look back at his words and actions and know that he is in a better place today.