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| On 2 months ago

President Trump Announces Covid-19 Antibody Treatment

By BlueStateConservatives

On Sunday, President Trump held a news conference where he detailed a new antibody treatment for Covid-19. He announced that the FDA will issue an emergency use authorization for convalescent plasma of those infected by the coronavirus. This process is a therapy that will transfuse Covid-19 antibodies from the bloodstream of a recovered patient to help those currently infected.

During the news conference, he advised Americans who have had the Coronavirus to visit Coronavirus.Gov and see how they can donate convalescent plasma to fight this pandemic.

Within the plasma, which is the liquid portion of the blood, contains the natural immunity one attains from being infected. Anyone who has been infected by coronavirus will have these antibodies and now that an emergency use authorization has been issued, those antibodies will be used to treat those with Covid-19.

According to the CDC, as of August 23, 2020 there have been over 5.6M+ coronavirus cases and 175K+ deaths in the United States.