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Powerful Derecho Rips Through the Midwest–Iowa Agriculture Greatly Affected

By Savanah Lyn Thomas

A derecho storm tore through the Midwest on Monday. Meteorologist Kacie Hoovier said a derecho usuall lasts for several hours, includes lots lightning, rain, and winds can reach 80-100 mph.

The powerful storm ripped across Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. 3 people have died in Iowa and 1 in Indiana. Over 800,000 residents are without power between the affected states, 100,000 of those are in Iowa.

Iowa farm derecho photo from

92 mph winds were reported near Dixon, Illinois which is about 100 miles west of Chicago. Throughout Illinois trees have been ripped down, flooding, car crashes, road blockages, and other damage.

A strong portion of the storm tore through north-central Indiana and over 10,000 people lost power from the storm and some have been able to get it back. Winds reached 65 mph.

Iowa farmers have reported that their grain bins have been destroyed and their corn fields have been flattened. Officials are working to address all the damage to the agriculture industry in Iowa, but so far about 10 million of the 32 million acres in the state have been affected. Winds in Iowa reach 112 miles per hour.

derecho shelf cloud in Sioux City, Iowa. Photo from Mike Campbell on Facebook

Governor Kim Reynolds says the state will submit their application for a federal disaster declaration on Monday. She is hopeful that residents will regain power by Tuesday and thinks the application will be approved quickly as she has already spoken with the President and Vice President.

Cedar Rapids was hit the hardest in Iowa and city officials say that the damage from the derecho is worse than the damage downtown experienced from the major flood in 2008.

U.S. Representative Abby Fikenauer said, “This is a disaster that we have never seen before. It is the same thing that was essentially like a hurricane coming through the Midwest.”

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