Portland Rioters Storm Police Precinct; Dump Paint On Elderly Woman Putting Out Fires

In yet another surge of disturbing violence ravaging Portland, Oregon, the Portland Police Bureau’s East Precinct, located a residential area, became the latest target of left-wing anarchists clad in dark clothing and helmets. However, a new defense arose to combat the senseless destruction-a courageous pair of elderly women.

During flurries of glass bottles and rocks directed at police officers, with one officer severely injured by a large rock thrown at his shoulder, the elderly women stepped in front of vandals hurling paint on the plywood outside the building. Instead of stopping, they simply flung paint onto her as well, chanting “This isn’t your world anymore!” Once she began yelling back at the rioters, one of them wrapped yellow crime-scene tape around her head. 

She shrieked, “we died for you!”, only to be met by the same rioter, who got into her face and screamed at her, towering over a foot above her head. Another rioter also shouted, “Put your mask on, b*tch! Put your mask on!” 

Elsewhere at the precinct, ANTIFA thugs harassed another elderly woman in a walker trying to use a fire extinguisher to put out a trash can fire. Blocked by a punk dressed in all black, a crowd of thugs mocked her and laughed at her, with eventually one jeering, “Just let her do it! Let her do it. It’s the highlight of her life! C’mon, we wanna see it!” The rioter began moving left and riot in front of her to meddle with her as a chant of “all cops are bastards!” broke out.

How disrespectful. Obviously, none of this addresses any form of injustice as rioters and thugs purport to care about and only spurns greater injustices. But, as the logical conclusion of radical progressivism, “This isn’t your world anymore!” chants display the avalanching revolution bent on eradicating history. 

If our elderly represent our heritage and our history, of course, that must be fed to the progressive revolution. Radical progressivism believes that society and humanity constantly progress towards Great Society. Politics is a science that can be objectively traced by technocratic elites. And therefore, new equals best. The old only delay the arc of history towards justice, either the gravest sin in progressive society or the greatest of idiocies. Either join the revolution or stand in the way of history and end up on the wrong side of it. As displayed by the elderly women in Portland, the rejection is volatile and callous.

But that simply is not history. Greek philosopher Thucydides believed “History is philosophy teaching by example.” To the conservative, history chronicles human existence through stories and philosophies, guiding the future but in complex, nuanced forms. No objectivity can be found throughout history. We must take it as is and vigilantly learn from it, not manipulate it into imaginary narratives or cancel its’ entirety. Rejecting history does nothing to amend past injustices, only reduces intricate figures and events to a naive black and white. 

Quite plainly, the rioters don’t share this perspective nor possess much respect for others. Only the revolution matters and those who brave enough to stand in its way must be taken down.