Portland “Protesters” Burn Bibles in Front of Federal Courthouse

As destructive protests and riots continue to tear through Portland, Oregon, ANTIFA has gone full circle by now burning a stack of Bibles in front of the often targetted federal courthouse. Taking inspiration from Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and the Chinese Communist Party, among countless other evil totalitarian dictatorship regimes suppressing their people’s free exchange of ideas and enforcing orthodoxy, ANTIFA does little to hide their mission or even attempt staying truthful to their name.

Of course, none of this has much to do with anything their movement purports to be in support of. Obviously, burning a Bible has zero correlation with solving racial injustice or police brutality. In fact, Biblical teachings of universal love and mercy for our neighbors and enemies would solve exactly what the protesters seek to amend, yet their short-sighted idiocy exposes what the true intent is behind much of this violence. But, considering the past few months of severe anti-establishment rhetoric, book burning as the next logical development shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Book burning, as a powerful revolutionary tool, occurs in conjunction with tearing down and defacing statues, a plague on the nation during the past couple of months. Beginning with statues of Confederate figures, statues of American prosperity, such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln soon succumbed to the mob. Other monuments to the development of the West like Christopher Columbus fell as well. In a bizarre turn, even statues of abolitionists and Union General Ulysses S. Grant all had to come down. Eventually, Jesus himself and churches followed. Book burning, and primarily Bible burning, was the next natural progression.

“Protestors” burn bibles in Portland (thefederalist.com)

Instead, this violence and riots seek to dismantle all of Western Civilization and upend centuries of American tradition and culture. We lay witness to cultural warfare, the literal burning of the foundations of America, and, through the burning of Bibles, the rejection of God himself. This is radical progressivism achieved. Technocratic elites and a socially and economically dominant government for the common good in the replacement of personal liberty and inalienable rights. As does the American tradition of self-governance, reason, and equality before the law must die, so does the very truths that informed American philosophy in the Bible. Progressivism determines human nature as malleable and therefore no discernable rights exist except as dispensed by the government, morphing government into a god and therefore cannot co-exist with God. Thus, Bibles must be burned.

But most terrifyingly, this revolution won’t be relegated to the fringe communities for much longer. Truthfully, the revolution has already infiltrated mainstream politics, manipulatively through a shrouded yet shiny promise of progress and change. Vermont Senator and former Presidential candidate Bernie Sander’s, the spearhead and thought leader of young Democrats, platform brazenly resembles communist dictatorships of the past and proudly defines himself as a “democratic socialist.” Bernie represents the cultural revolution of the Left, only far more inviting and insidious and less blatant of the violent upheaval of America itself.

Wealth inequality and returning the power to the working class stood at the forefront of both the communist agenda and Sanders’ agenda. Sanders’ policy positions of a massive expanse of government powers, including an outright takeover of the private energy sector, nationalized health care, relief of student debt, and extraordinary tax hikes, all in the pursuit of “a nation that works for all of us, not just the few.” And though his campaign for President failed, the revolution intensifies by the day. As Portland proved, even truth itself in the Bible must die for the revolution.