POLL: Does Joe Biden Have Dementia or a Stutter?

At the Democratic National Convention, Democrats tried to claim that Joe Biden has struggled with a stutter his entire life.

But if you look back at old footage of him talking, he is able to speak quite well, and the gaffes have only occurred within the last few years.

Over the course of Joe Biden’s recent campaign trail, Joe Biden has managed to confuse his wife with his sister, bring up creepy stories of kids touching his “hairy legs” in the pool and even forgetting President Obama’s name.

Joe Biden’s gaffes have even found their way on the debate stage durring the Democrat Primaries when he said over 150 Million people have died from guns.

Joe Biden has been protected heavily by the media, who will attack anyone who questions Joe Biden’s mental state.

So, that begs the question: does Joe Biden have dementia or a stutter? Vote now!