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POLL: Did Biden Pick Harris to be His VP to Win Over the Black Community? Vote Now!

Joe Biden picking Kamala Harris to be his Vice President, if he wins, has taken 7 out of the top 10 trending hashtags on Twitter.

Biden supporters are praising his choice and say they look forward to the Vice Presidential debate set to happen in a few months. Many are saying that Biden’s pick will help him win many votes because apparently Mike Pence (and the President “of course”) are xenophobic, transphobic, homophobic, and all the other phobics.

Critics of Joe Biden are saying that Biden only picked Kamala Harris because she is a black woman and he is still trying to win the votes of the Black community (probably more likely).

Furthermore, Biden’s choice doesn’t really really seem to make any sense. Being from California, she doesn’t add any electoral votes towards Biden, and and Kamala doesn’t have much support in the black community.

Kamala has also stated that Joe Biden has supported racist policies and has inferred that Biden has a history of sexually assaulting women.

Do you think that this was a thoughtful choice from Biden? That he chose Kamala Harris for her leadership and experience. Or is it possible that he chose her to win over the black community?

Vote now!

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