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New Report Detailing Breonna Taylor’s Connection to Drug Traffickers and What Actually Happened the Night She Was Killed

The Last Few Months

The full report detailing phone conversations that links Breonna Taylor to several drug traffickers including her former boyfriend Jamarcus Glover.

Since her death in March, the story defining Breonna Taylor’s death was that she was asleep in her bed when police entered her home and killed her. Initial reports did not release all the information, leading to the spread of misinformation and the country believing this was an action of white supremacist police brutality, but the real story proves to be contradictory to that narrative.

How Breonna is Connected

The report shows that police had probable cause to search Taylor’s home as her former boyfriend was the main target of a drug probe. They wanted to search her house because they suspected Glover was using her address to mail narcotics.

Detectives had also previously taken photos of Glover taking a “suspected USPS package” from Taylor’s home to another location that police believed drug traffickers were using to house the narcotics.

Police had also seen Taylor acting suspiciously in the past. They had seen her car parked outside a “trap house” several times and on one occasion Taylor got out of the passenger side of the car, looked around, and then got back in the car. After her death, a phone call made by Glover from jail states him asking for the whereabouts of his money. He said “Bre been handling my money.”

What Actually Happened

“No-knock warrants” are used to authorize “police officers to enter a certain premises without first knocking and announcing their presence.” Warrants such as these are issued where entering the location with an announcement and knock could lead to the objects police are searching for being destroyed or safety of the officer(s) or another would be compromised, according to Cornell Law.

In the new report, phone conversations indicate that police had repeatedly knocked before entering. A briefing surrounding the events of that night claim that officers did announce their presence. Although, Kenneth Walker, who was in the apartment with Breonna, says that police did not announce who they were.

Police used a battering ram to enter the apartment. Walker then fired shots at the officers, one of which hit Louisville Metro Police Department Sgt. Jon Mattingly in the leg, which prompted him to return fire. Breonna was caught in the crossfire and shot five times.

When first arrested and questioned, Walker said it was Breonna who fired the gun and not him. Because of that, Breaonna was wrongly considered a suspect in the beginning.


We know that it can take months for a full report and all the details to come out of a police investigation. With this case and any other, it is best to wait until all the information has come to light before making a judgment. Had the narrative been true that Breonna was asleep in her bed and police killed her of course they should be held accountable.

But the fact remains that Breonna shouldn’t have been killed. She was caught in the crossfire after her husband opened fire on police, and when that happens police will return fire.