Millie Weaver Arrested After Release of “Shadow Gate” Film

Millie Weaver Arrested After Release of
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On July 15th InfoWars’s Correspondent Millie Weaver released a expose documentary called Shadow Gate. The film garnered almost 2 million views on YouTube before it was taken down for “hate speech”. There wasn’t anything “hate speech” related in the film which is mainly based around contractors that are hired by the U.S. Government to conduct psyops. The film which is over an hour-long, dives deep into the technology and people behind the psyops. The technology of conducting massive psyops that allow contractors to swing elections and ideas came into existence around the time that social media was born.

U.S. Military Industrial Complex

The U.S. Military used this technology to achieve many objectives in the Middle East and around the world. In a short period of time however, the contractors that the government hired ended up commercializing the technology. The film alleges that this tech was used on U.S. citizens. Claiming that it is evident that politicians such as even Obama used it. The technology to conduct the psyops requires the gathering of data from millions of people in order to categorize and learn their behaviors. To influence the minds of various groups of people they would need to learn as much as they could about people and social media made it possible. User data in the tech world is like digital gold. The U.S. Government’s NSA through the Patriot Act is legally able to gather data from millions of people. In the meantime, the U.S. government contractors were able to create a duplicate of the data and use it in commercial applications by selling their service to politicians or for their own purposes. This is where Shadow Gate comes in, the film alleges that with this powerful technology that can decide who win elections, a shadow government was born.

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Suspicious Timing of Arrest

Millie Weaver who made the film based it of 2 inside sources that were part of running the psyops for the shadow government. Millie was arrested on August 14th under a sealed indictment. In a short video, she released the police said it had something to do with burglary as the reason for the arrest. There was speculation that this had to deal with the Shadow Gate film. On Monday a report released on Cleveland.com showed that the arrest was to do with a family dispute that happened in April.

Arrested for a Family Dispute

A comment on the Youtube video from allegedly her mother also said the same thing on Saturday the 15th. Alleging that Millie took Felicia McCarron’s phone after Millie and her boyfriend saw she was recording with her phone. The mother called 911 after the incident but then she allegedly dropped the charges a few days later however it is still up to the prosecutor on whether to keep the felony and misdemeanor charges. The incident is still suspicious as the arrest warrant was issued on July 20th and the actual arrest happened almost a month later coincidentally when she released the film. It is unusually for an arrest to happen so far apart from the issuing of the warrant.

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Released on Bail

A report obtained on Monday by cleveland.com, shows that the secret indictment in July was charges of robbery, tampering with evidence, obstructing justice and domestic violence. She along with her boyfriend and brother were arrested on Friday and held at the Portage County Jail until their Monday arraignment where they pleaded not guilty. They were issued $20,000 bonds and released on their own recognizance. The charges all related to Millie and her boyfriend forcefully taking the phone that her mother was recording with and destroying it apparently. This seems to be a selective choice of administering Justice as Hillary Clinton still hasn’t been arrested for destroying cellphones after a subpoena for them was issued during her investigation.

We strongly recommend you watch the film below to make up your own mind.