Kamala Harris: Hypocrite or Hero?

During the Democratic primaries, several women came forward accusing Joe Biden of sexual harassment and assault. At the time Kamala Harris said that she believed these women and admired their courage for coming forward to tell their stories.

Hey Kamala, what changed? Do you all of a sudden believe that Biden is innocent or are you willing to ignore these allegations and proof of assault and inappropriate sexual behavior because he is your ticket to the White House?

Also during the primaries Kamala called out Biden for his work against segregation and busing and she mentioned how when she was a child she was apart of the second class to desegragate schools and rode a bus to school everyday.

So Kamala, what changed? Has Biden changed his ways and not racist anymore even though he’s told people they aren’t real black people if they vote for Trump, or are you going to ignore that because he’s your ticket to the White House?

These aren’t the only examples of Kamala Harris saying one thing and then another that is completely contradictory. Her hypocrisy is clear. She will do and say anything to get herself to the White House.