Kamala Harris EXPOSED: Ancestor ‘Hamilton Brown’ was a Slave Owner in Jamaica

Last week, Joe Biden made his choice of running mate. it came as no surprise to anyone that he chose US senator Kamala Harris. His decision was based solely on race and gender without even considering what she would bring to the table.

The democratic front-runner stated that he would choose a black female, perhaps to pander to the minority vote, as his VP earlier this year during the second wave of BLM protests. Despite Kamala calling Biden out on his biases during the debates last year and saying she believed his accusers, she had no problem accepting the offer. Sleepy Joe even tagged Harris in a recent tweet, saying “let’s go to work”.

This is all well and good for whoever they think they’re fooling. But there’s one detail both of them forgot to mention. Kamala’s not African American. Her mother is Indian and her father’s side comes from Jamaica. The name of her ancestor who owned a large slave plantation is Hamilton Brown. Hamilton was known for his brutal living conditions in which he forced his slaves to live. So if Biden thought he made history by nominating the first African-American female VP, he and everyone who thought it was okay to let this old man run for office are sorely mistaken.

There’s been talk of Joe stepping down once he’s elected and passing the torch to Harris, so we’re all very fortunate Hillary Clinton wasn’t in Kamala’s position. One of their main platforms is defunding the police. However, Kamala was once an attorney who spent her career locking up young black Americans for smoking pot. She claimed to Smoke habitually in her college years. So, to paraphrase, she locked up young black men for committing the same crime she did. But she got off the hook.

Will America let Kamala Harris off the hook? Or will we see through the facade of “female Obama”?