John Kasich to speak at 2020 DNC Convention

John Kasich, once an outspoken Republican, has decided to leave his party and attend the Democratic National Convention (DNC) later this month. He told CNN that “his conscience compelled him” to speak at the event alongside Michelle Obama and failed presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

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John Kasich’s Presidential Endorsement

Along with his planned attendance at the DNC, Kasich also mentioned that he would be endorsing former vice president and avid hair-sniffer Joe Biden for president in the upcoming 2020 election.

Since 2016 when the former Ohio governor ran for office, he never gave Trump an endorsement. In fact, he now says we need to “move in a new direction” than where we’re going with Donald Trump. Kasich didn’t Endorse Trump because he felt he wasn’t a ‘unifier’.

The Washington Post recently wrote an article regarding Kasich’s career as a republican and what other republicans do wrong. The article was titled ‘Republicans Should Listen To John Kasich’. The opinion piece references John’s interview with Don Lemon, where he said he saw Biden as the leader America needs.


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Joe Biden and John Kasich at the university of Delaware’s National Agenda

Kasich also thought was best to endorse someone in this election than sit by and remain inactive. Unlike what happened 2016 after his campaign met its demise. John refused to endorse Trump, and he never wanted to endorse Clinton either, so he kept quiet. However, he was more than happy to criticize Trump’s presidency, even though he offered no valuable input or solution. Along with the late John McCain and senator Mitt Romney, Kasich will go down in history as a closeted RINO.