Joe ‘You Ain’t Black’ Biden Doubles Down On How He Truly Feels About African-Americans

Joe 'You Ain't Black' Biden Doubles Down On How He Truly Feels About African-Americans - 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries | The Raging Patriot

Joe ‘you ain’t black’ Biden is having a very tough week. Given the few times he has spoken, you would think he could avoid big gaffes. Unfortunately for the Former Vice President, he keeps revealing to the world what he really thinks of Black Americans. This time, Joe Biden is letting everyone know that he doesn’t think the Black Community is very diverse save it be a few exceptions. Watch his comments below

Joe Attempts To Fix The Issue

Joe Biden Doubles Down…

What do you think? Do you think Joe believes African-Americans are a monolith? Based on his comments in the interview, you would easily be able to say yes. You then read his tweet and you could possibly give him a break for saying something he doesn’t truly mean. Now this second clip has come out and we can now know for sure that Joe Biden wasn’t mistaken, this is truly how he feels. Watch the clip below.

This second clip is a video not many have seen. It appears that in the clip, Joe Biden confirms to all of us that he meant what he said originally. Does anyone actually believe that Joe Biden wrote that tweet? Joe Biden has made a huge mistake here. Can you imagine if Donald Trump had said these exact same words? Would any of us hear the end of it until November? If Donald Trump wants to take advantage of these monumental mistakes, he must use the debates to expose things like this. Joe Biden won’t survive if everyone in America hears the things this man says.

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