Is There a Conspiracy Behind Mail-in Ballots?


Often one to point out what he dislikes, President Trump has aired his concerns recently over mail-in voting.  Back in July, President Trump posted a tweet about potentially moving the election until it was safe to vote in person.  Around the same time as the tweet, he posted a video on YouTube testing the mail-in voting process.  President Trump has faced a lot of criticism overall about his thoughts on this year’s election, but how has this created a possible conspiracy theory? 

The Test

In the aforementioned video, originally posted by a local news channel, it reveals some of the issues that could occur with mail-in voting.  For the test, a hundred “ballots” were mailed on different days and from different spots around Philadelphia, PA to a P.O. box acting as an election office.  The results were not promising.  Some of the ballots were misplaced in the post office and when they were found, other pieces of mail were mixed in with them.  In all, three percent of the ballots did not make it back by the end of the experiment.  

Conspiracy Theory?

This week, President Trump’s administration is potentially dealing with a conspiracy theory.  Democrats are claiming that the administration is “sabotaging the nation’s mail system” (Wolf).  Recently, the postal service has been operating more slowly which could be related to costs being cut ultimately resulting in overtime and employment being reduced.  Democrats are upset about this, but the postal service is also currently hurting for money due to a slowdown in business during the pandemic. 

The postmaster, Louis DeJoy, is also a supporter of President Trump.  In a statement he said, ”Despite any assertions to the contrary, we are not slowing down election mail or any other mail. Instead we continue to employ a robust and proven process to ensure proper handling of all election mail.”  DeJoy’s political leanings and cuts within the postal service have led Democrats to think the worst.


Any Presidential election is important, but this one seems to be so for different reasons.  Mail-in voting on a mass scale is something that has never happened before and could very well cause some major issues.  


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