How COVID-19 Changed Our Culture Forever


The country seems to be running on a day to day basis because of the coronavirus.  Obviously, many changes are already present in day to day life.  Some changes go unnoticed or don’t really impact that many people while others impact a large amount of the population.  What are some of the more current changes due to COVID-19?


  • Sanitization and cleanliness is at an all time high now and that has coincided with the increased purchasing of Clorox wipes.  The company says that there will be a shortage of these wipes until 2021.  
  • One of the biggest changes this year will be how Americans vote in November.  Mail-in voting appears to be the way the country will vote in this election.  In an effort to keep people healthy, it is also a spot of concern for the President.  
  • Another major change is whether or not schools will be back open in the fall.  This issue has garnered a lot of attention recently because of how adamant President Trump is to reopen schools this fall.  Many schools are opting to go completely online, like how things were in the spring when the pandemic first began.  Others plan to open all the way. Some plan on some form of a hybrid model that includes both in person and online learning. 
  • People are more physically distant than ever and that has opened the door for use of more video chatting sites like Zoom.  From high school to college to office jobs, it seems like everyone is familiar with how to use Zoom at some level.  
  • Within the the sports world, there have been some major changes as well.  In the NFL, there is a collective agreement on different COVID rules.  Violating these rules can lead to up to $50,000 in fines.  The NBA is playing the rest of its season in a bubble in Orlando, Florida.  The NHL has two bubbles, one in Edmonton and the other in Toronto.  The MLB is playing games in their regular stadiums, without fans, but is facing an issue with COVID, forcing them to cancel games.  


Many changes have already occurred with more likely on the way due to the coronavirus.  Some changes are more noticeable than others.  Nothing is every really certain in life and that is true now more than ever.   


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