Houston Police Chief Sends Invitation to Hurting and Defunded Officers

The Houston Police Chief took a stand for officers everywhere on Monday. Chief Art Acevedo made it clear that all police officers would be welcome in Houston as well as acknowledging their importance to an endangered America.

“People of Houston, they don’t want less policing, they want better policing and well-trained police officers,” 

Acevedo said during a police academy graduation of 44 students.

This comes on the heels of local governments across America trying to cut police funding. Last week, Austin, Texas cut nearly a third of the APD’s budget in a unanimous vote. This week in what almost seems an act of rebellion, Houston is adding 400 new officers.

“I will just say to police officers in Austin, and the good police officers across the country, come to Houston,”

Police Chief Art Acevedo

Acevedo even spoke of his concern for the people of Austin. 

“I think it’s ridiculous when you make decisions that are knee-jerk political decisions that are not based on evidence, not based on research. It ends up impacting the safety of American people in Austin.”

Acevedo is attempting to make it easier for the HPD to accept out of state officers quickly into their system. 

Mayor Turner of Houston had strong opinions about defunding the police.

“People want policing that is sound, accountable, and respectful. They want public safety. In this city we have about 5,300 police officers, and we’ve always said that we need at least 600 more.”

Perhaps if we had more mayors like Turner and chiefs like Acevedo, America wouldn’t be in the trouble she is in today.