FBI Execute Search Warrant of Famous Youtuber Jake Paul

                Jake Paul is a prominent Youtuber famous for his songs and extravagant stunts. But today, he makes headlines for an entirely different reason. On Wednesday this week, FBI agents executed a search warrant at his home in Calabasas, California. The FBI said that the warrant is apart of an ongoing investigation. The FBI further stated that no arrests were made and, so far, none are being planned. A judge sealed the warrant affidavit so no further details regarding the warrant are known at this time. FBI agents did seize firearms at the home but it is unclear if this is related to the charges.

                Interestingly this isn’t the first brush that Jake Paul has with the law. In June of this year, the Scottsdale Police Department charged Paul with trespassing and unlawful assembly. The charges were following a protest turned riot/ looting at the Fashion Square Mall.

Paul said that he was not involved in the rioting or looting. However, local authorities did say they were sent many tips indicting Paul in the event. On Wednesday, Scottsdale Authorities dropped the charges against Paul. The Scottsdale Police Department said of the drop: “It is in the best interest of the community to dismiss misdemeanor charges without prejudice so that a federal criminal investigation can be completed.”

The Bigger Picture

                While it is unclear how the case against Paul will develop, the case is a representation of an important ideal: no one is above the law. Everyone, including celebrities and politicians, should be held accountable to the constitutional laws of the United States. This ideal is one of the major pillars behind the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Famous Democrats, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, claim to advocate for this value. In fact, it was a big theme last year with the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Ironically, these very Democrats are currently silent on the allegations against Bill Clinton and his connection to Jeffrey Epstein.

To them I ask an important question: is everyone really accountable under the law?