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During RNC Speech Ann Dorn Remembers Husband David Dorn, Retired Police Captain Murdered During a Riot, and Asks for Violence and Destruction to End

In her emotional and touching speech on night 4 of the Republican National Convention, Ann Dorn spoke of her late husband David who was a retired police captain that was killed during riots in St. Louis.

She told how loved her husband was by so many and that one young man, Lee, had especially taken a liking and trust to David who cared for Lee very much. When Lee got older he opened a pawn shop and asked David to do security for him. Most of the calls were false alarms or nothing too serious. But on June 2, David was called in the middle of the night where he was brutally murdered by protestors.

Ann said she shared her heartbreaking story in hopes that Americans will wake up from this nightmare and try to “bring about positive, peaceful, change”. She pleaded that violence and destruction only hurt black lives and will not bring any real change to America.

She, like many others terribly hurt by these riots, are begging protesting criminals to bring an end to the chaos.

“We must heal before we can effect change.”

Ann Dorn, RNC speech

She is right. There is no way we can change the problem if we don’t first try to listen, understand, and heal together. In order to, that means we all must listen to each other. Everyone has been hurt in various ways through these protests, far too many have lost their lives. It is impossible to bring about real change and healing without first pausing and trying to listen and empathize. Destroying cities is no way to address a problem, it will only make it worse.

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