COVID Lies Hurt Americans Far Worse than the Virus Ever Could

The CDC just released a report with further details of those who died from coronavirus. The data shows that of all the people who died from COVID-19 only 6% of those deaths were solely from coronavirus without any other contributing factors.

That means 94% of the people who initially reported died from COVID-19 had another factor or factors contributing to their death. Meaning that coronavirus very well may not have been the cause of death, merely a contributing cause or maybe even not a cause at all, just that the virus was present in them when they died.

These numbers prove that COVID-19 is far less deadly than we originally thought, knew, and were led to believe.

So why is it that now after millions of Americans have lost their jobs, businesses have permanently closed, and a “new normal” is becoming mainstream that the truth behind the numbers is coming out? Why wasn’t there honest recording and reporting from the get-go?

These numbers and several other counts of data prove that COVID-19 is not the threat it was perceived to be back in March when the country shut down. The media and government officials did a great job of convincing most Americans that coronavirus was the deadliest virus on earth when that is far from the truth. It is actually one of the most survivable viruses on earth. Only 6% of the people who “died from covid” actually died from covid. That number is alarming! That number of deaths hardly qualifies for a pandemic.

The lies surrounding COVID-19 that the media has been pounding for months have proved to be far more harmful than the virus itself ever could be. Because we were forced to believe that just by going outside you put yourself or any other person at risk of dying that we need to shut the entire country down. Because we were forced to believe that by not wearing a mask you are going to “kill grandma”. Because we were forced to believe that by staying away from loved ones we would be saving the world. Because we were forced to believe that other people’s health is our responsibility. Because we were forced to believe that COVID-19 would bring an end to the world as we know it unless we complied with arbitrary, artificial, and unconstitutional mandates.

Because we were forced to believe all the false narratives propagated about coronavirus we were this close to losing our God-given right to freedom, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

America is at a defining moment right now. We can either allow the narrative to play that COVID is a deadly threat and surrender our rights to freedom and cave to the communist threat that looms above. Or we can rise up and use those rights to defend the very land that God has blessed and the Founding Fathers fought to build. America has a pretty good track record when it comes to fighting for what is rightfully hers.